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A Sıfır Mimarlık Hizmetleri has been providing service as architectural project, fine structure applications and Trimline Dealer since 2004. In summary, the applications we perform are as follows;


The company carries out project and manufacturing studies in the field of office, hospital, hotel, automotive industry, bank, factory and office units belonging to the production facilities.


As a foreign application, we completed fine works of the American Embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in Moscow (Tac Group). In Nary, Kyrgyzstan, the fine works of the UCA University was delivered to the Aga Han group.

Our study which is currently being maintained in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan is the architectural project consultancy of Accor Group’s Novotel application.


Our fields of activity in general are;

  • Architectural assessment and projecting services,
  • Exploratory and quantity study,
  • Within the scope of general fine works after rough construction,
  • Roof – terrace insulation and eaves trough
  • Facade application
  • Interior space compartments (brick, ytong or gypsum board etc.)
  • Decorative interior partitioning. Works done with Trimline or similar top product group,
  • Application of floor covering, PVC, carpet, wood, marble, stone, ceramic, epoxy or industrial floor,
  • Interior doors, glass, wood, sensor doors, etc.
  • All kinds of interior and exterior paint application,
  • Stainless stairs or railings applications,
  • Any kind of suspended ceiling application; wood, metal, barisol, rock wool etc.
  • Works from which special details are requested, light bands, hidden doors, audible hall acoustics etc.,
  • Mechanical applications;
  • Project work and
  • Elevator,
  • Heating, clean and sewage plumbing applications,
  • Air conditioning with cooling units according to the building and user request,
  • Electrical application
  • Weak current and data processing
  • Network solutions related to general use from the Transformer building.

We are able to smoothly complete one or all of these applications on site in accordance with the project.

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